Another Bestseller In The NDE World

David Sunfellow’s new book will be, without a doubt, another bestseller in the NDE world and beyond. It showcases essential topics, foundational to our human experience, which we have grappled with as long as existence has gazed into the Milky Way. David doesn’t just limit the research and firsthand accounts to The Light and glorious encounters behind the veil, but also tackles issues that make us utterly uncomfortable, like suicide and apocalypse. He is not concerned with providing a consistent cushiony cornucopia of feel good stories, but also brings to light the hellish realms, the spaces lacking hope, and therefore provides a springboard for endless discussions and musings. I have followed his work for years and he shows up as a reliable voice, a deep thinker, and a gifted wordsmith. Kudos, David! And thank you…

— Maria Cavendish